Burn Dressing Water-Jel 4x4 !

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Water-Jel Burn Dressings are made with a scientifically formulated cooling gel and utilize medical-grade nonwoven pads. They are non-adherent so they will not stick to burn injuries. The dressings are soaked in a water-based / water-soluble, bacteriostatic and biodegradable gel and sterilized to ensure a contamination-free atmosphere for emergency treatment of burns.

With Water-Jel Burn Dressings, it takes no special training to give fast and effective emergency burn care for any type of burn injury. All Water-Jel Burn Dressings have a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Does not require water - or pre cooling with water
Effective cooling by a convective process (not evaporative),
helping to avoid treatment induced hypothermia
Based on the clinically proven and patented Water-Jel R1 technology
Are sterile - pH of normal human skin
Paraben free broad spectrum preservative system
Water-Jel FIRST RESPONDER burn dressings are 100% water
soluble for effective wash down/irrigation procedure with no smell
Contains >95% pure de-ionised water in rugged burst resistant
foil packaging
Use a medical grade non-woven polyester saturated with 13 times
own weight (approx) in cooling gel - allowing for uniform cooling
of the undulating surface of a burn injury and through hot
damaged clothing
Effective exchange of heat energy
Stops burn progression from time of application – assisting in
maintaining the viability of the zone of stasis
(depending on speed of application)
Tear resistant and suitable for rapid application
Non tacky, will not adhere to burn injury
Easy stored at ambient temperature
Carry full 5 year shelf life (lot number and expiry date embossed)
Dressings may be left on burn site till secondary treatment is
Maintains a moist wound environment
Do not require external covering - conforming bandage may be used
if patient is combative
Crystal clear gel allows the dressing to be lifted for
visualization of burn wound
Can be easily applied by self treating patients
Free up the emergency EMS/ED personnel to provide any other
May be used on all depths of burn injury – superficial, partial, deep
partial and full thickness
Small quantities of the gel may be accidentally ingested
Tested safety on the eyes and mucous ducts
Safe for use on children and the elderly
Full Clinical Product ON-LINE training available
Are flight safe
Clinically shown no skin / allergy irritation or reaction
Packed in rugged burst resistant foil packaging
Contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA)