Rescue Tube ExoTube®

Rescue Tube ExoTube®

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  • The ExoTube® (U.S. Patent No. 6,475,047) is unlike any other rescue tube on the market. The secret of the ExoTube® lies in the fusion of super light-weight closed cell foam, high quality polyurethane coating, and nylon mesh. The result is a rescue device that provides superior grip and durability over any other tube being used today. We are proud to manufacture the ExoTube® in the U.S, and we are so confident in its longevity that we offer an industry-exclusive One-Year Limited Warranty against normal wear and tear.
  • Strong, durable nylon mesh that completely encases the tube - eliminating splitting
  • Bonding the mesh to the foam creates a textured surface, providing the rescuer with a reliable, firm grip on the tube
  • 6 Foot Towline strap extends through the entire length of the tube
  • 2 inch wide, Adjustable Buckle Shoulder Harness gives lifeguard better fit and more comfort
  • Velcro Towline Tie-Down eliminates tripping hazard while on patrol or responding to an emergency
  • High visibility GUARD logo 
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steal Clip

Download  ExoTube® One-Year Warranty here. & ExoTube® Storage Guidelines for tips on maximizing the life of your ExoTube®