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O2 Regulator Allied Rhino

O2 Regulator Allied Rhino

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The Rhino™
oxygen regulator is virtually unbreakable.
This oxygen pressure regulator features an all-brass uni-body construction designed to strengthen the regulator,
prevent yoke damage and regulator leakage, and protect
the flow selector knob from accidental adjustment. The
Rhino regulator also has a unique integrated aluminum
shroud and lens cover that shelters the gauge from break-
age and contamination, and is available in a choice of
five colors.
A 20 micron sintered bronze gas inlet filter provides gas
filtration and additional protection against contamination.
Rhino regulators are available with up to two male DISS
oxygen check valves and different flow ranges delivered
through a hose barb outlet. The Rhino regulator has a 10
year warranty.