Slishman Traction Splint (STS)

Slishman Traction Splint (STS)

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Traction Splint - STS applied in conventional mode The STS embodies significant improvements to traction splinting: no extension past the foot, quickly adjusts to patient, easily applied during manual traction, and not contraindicated for lower leg injury or amputation. The Slishman Splint is light and compact, appropriate for peds and adults, and has a lifetime guarantee.

The STS was developed by Dr. Sam Slishman at the University of New Mexico to overcome many of the the operational difficulties of older traction splint designs. The innovative STS design has the traction mechanism positioned at the patient’s hip. Femur traction is applied through the extension of the pole segments creating a pushing force on the ankle strap instead of pulling distally from the foot. This innovative design change provides a number of outstanding benefits over conventional traction splints:
  1. The STS Does Not Extend Beyond the Foot

    2. Rapid Patient Application in Under 60 Seconds
    3. The STS is Not Contraindicated in Lower Leg Injury or Amputation
    4. Lightweight and Compact
    5. One Size Fits All
    6. Traction Mechanism Accessible During Transport
    7. Radiolucent
8. Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions: 23" W x 3" H x 3" D  Weight: 1.32 lbs